Blockchain technology: a sustainability tool for agriculture

Block Chain Technology and Its Impact on Agriculture: Moving Towards Sustainable Agriculture, an amazing title for an amazing assignment by one of my students at Excelsior Community College in Kingston, Jamaica. My student Michelle Williams is reading for the Post Graduate Diploma in Logistics at the School of Business Management and Entrepreneurial Studies explains:

Blockchain technology will help a farm or a nation to determine how sustainable their agricultural industry is as it accurately records information.”

For her engaging assignment can be please click here or read below.

Block Chain Technology and Its Impact on Agriculture


The Assignment
The ability to not only collect but to analyze, visualize and weave data together into a compelling story is a powerful skill in today’s information age. What is more, data analytics and data visualization fields are emerging fields that are increasing in prominence in media outlets, governments, in business, etc. Therefore, individuals or organizations that develop this skill set have the ability to distinguish themselves by being able to tell their stories in visually compelling ways. There are several, free and paid, internet-based applications that let authors combine beautiful visualizations with narrative text, images, videos and social media – in this case Adobe Spark. The applications are designed to be attractive and usable by anyone, which makes them great for education and outreach, either to the general public or to a specific audience.

The Task
The assignment is to create graphically appealing story supported by research using the Adobe Spark platform by creating a Page. The subject is as follows: How block chain technology could be used to improve the sustainability in a particular industry, sector, product or business. Please note the students were free to select a particular industry, sector, product or business. In effect they are creating or suggesting an architecture for the use of block chain technology in the implementation of sustainability measures in an industry, sector, product or business that was of interest to them.
It is also important to note that block chain is on the cutting edge and putting them together with a sustainability frame work is very original and innovative.


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