Jamaica Moves To Position Itself As a Global Logistics Hub

By: Ainsley Brown

Jamaica’s geo-strategic location in the western hemisphere is second to none. The pirates and buccaneers of old knew it, choosing Jamaica and specifically the city of Port Royal, to base their operations.

Jamaica’s swashbuckling days are long behind it however it geo-strategic potential still remains strong.

Just take a look at where it is situated and you will see what I mean.

Jamaica is smack dab in the middle of both the western hemisphere – North and South America. Just think half way between the largest market in the world in the USA and one of the top emerging economies in Brazil – what are the possibilities?

So I was heartened to hear some of the details of the Jamaica Logistics Hub at a recent press conference I attended at the Jamaican Ministry of Industry, Investment and Commerce.

Please see the press release below:


Cabinet Accepts Submission to Position Country as Global Logistics Hub

Minister of Industry, Investment and Commerce, Hon. Anthony Hylton

Minister of Industry, Investment and Commerce, Hon.Anthony Hylton, says that Cabinet has accepted the submission that Jamaica be positioned as a Global Logistics Hub, which will be at the centre of the country’s economic growth strategy.

The Minister, who was briefing senior journalists at a breakfast meeting at his Ministry today (September 25), said that Cabinet also approved the public/private partnership policy, which is critical to Jamaica establishing the logistics hub.

He reiterated that the expansion of the Panama Canal will bring about a shift in global trade and increased transshipment traffic throughout the region. “We aim to position Jamaica to take advantage of that flow of traffic,” he said.

MR. Hylton explained that there is tremendous excitement from prospective investors and port operators about Jamaica’s recognition of its potential and the country moving in an organised way to take advantage of it. He stated too, that Jamaica is getting strong global interest from the French, Americans, Europeans, in addition to the Chinese and other Asian countries.

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