A reflection on Jamaica’s Maritime Awareness Week 2014

Jamaica is a maritime state.

The sea and commerce are forever linked.
The sea and commerce are forever linked.

Yes, the land of Bolt and Bob is a maritime state. While it is true that Jamaica isn’t often thought of in this way, even by Jamaican’s themselves, it is none the less true.  This is something that needs to be continuously and consistently proclaimed, especially as Jamaica positions itself to be a global logistics hub.

CMI tentAs the festivities around Jamaica’s Maritime Awareness Week come to a close – linked to World Maritime Day – the importance of Jamaica, not only viewing itself but acting like a maritime state was brought home to me. And for that I must thank the many high school students that visited the Ministry of Industry, Investment and Commerce‘s booth at the Caribbean Maritime Institute‘s event over three days (Sept 22-24). These student were both engaged and engaging.



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