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US Chicken Being Dumped, Says China

US Chicken Being Dumped, Says China
By: Ainsley Brown
The seemingly endless trade rows between the United States and China continue unabated.
What is it this time? Tires? Steel? Autos? Or maybe intellectual property protection? No, no, not this time, this time it’s chicken – more specifically the importation of US chicken into the Chinese market.
This however is not a new skirmish but rather one that begun earlier this year when China…


China To Impose More Tariffs On Imported US Chicken.

By: Ainsley Brown It seems like there is more bad news for US exporters of Chicken to China – get ready for a whole new round of tariffs. China has over the years become the largest export market for US chicken with sales of over US$722 million in 2008. The Chinese market for US exporters…

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