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The G20 Young Entrepreneurs´ Alliance — a strong international voice against youth unemployment

What is the result of a combination of low rates of growth, high level of youth unemployment and an increasingly younger population in a country? An increasingly troubling economic outlook! That´s what the G20 members have faced for the past several years and in parts still face today. Therefore, the question that has to be answered is this: what policies can G20 governments adopt to address youth joblessness and disengagement and as a result encourage growth in their countries? Many economies that are rapidly developing face the challenge of finding work for large numbers of young people who will soon enter the workforce. Who can provide an answer to the challenge of youth unemployment? Continue reading

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Regulating Traffic Management-An EU Perspective

Telecommunication can play a large part in intellectual property, and the European Union has given an acknowledgement of this today.

It has announced it will be looking at the online data traffic management practices of telecommunications operators. Information provided suggests that the investigation will focus on what information telecommunications operators give consumers about the way they manage internet traffic:“traffic management”.
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The “European Private Company”

By: Carsten Lexa, LL.M. In the European Union, each of the 27 Member States provides regulation for different types of companies. Because of this diversity it is becoming increasingly difficult to know all the differences between the different types. Especially … Continue reading

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What happens when regulation lags behind innovation?

By Charles Kamau Wanguhu   In the development of new legislation and regulations to keep pace with innovations and developments in a sector of the economy in whose interest are the regulations? Furthermore in keeping pace with innovation should regulation … Continue reading

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