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Jamaica’s Special Economic Zones: Form, function, and model

The activities within the SEZs are aimed at fully integrating the Jamaican economy into the global production and distribution systems that rely on global value and supply chains. This complex and dynamic system, at the heart of globalization, places Jamaica at a critical intersection of global trade, investment and services. In a globalized environment companies face several conflicting demands simultaneously, for example there is an equal drive to both centralize and decentralize production and distribution. Additionally, companies must balance global and local demands at the same time in the sense of being able to produce and distribute worldwide but at the same time adjusting product specifications through postponement to meet the local taste of consumers through customization. Continue reading

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Is it time for Electronic Free Trade Zone?

The Executive Chairman of the Alibaba Group, Jack Ma, seems to think so. In his recent address at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum he called for the establishment of online free trade zones. These e-hubs would be focused on increasing the participation of small business in global trade who due to their size often face challenges plugging into the global market place. Continue reading

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Globalization has seen a greater convergence of goods and services trade

Did you know? Services accounts for 30% of the value created in manufacturing Continue reading

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