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The G20 Young Entrepreneurs´ Alliance — a strong international voice against youth unemployment

What is the result of a combination of low rates of growth, high level of youth unemployment and an increasingly younger population in a country? An increasingly troubling economic outlook! That´s what the G20 members have faced for the past several years and in parts still face today. Therefore, the question that has to be answered is this: what policies can G20 governments adopt to address youth joblessness and disengagement and as a result encourage growth in their countries? Many economies that are rapidly developing face the challenge of finding work for large numbers of young people who will soon enter the workforce. Who can provide an answer to the challenge of youth unemployment? Continue reading

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The lack of a start-up culture in Germany and how to change that!

A vibrant entrepreneurial culture is an important part of the business environment in every country – and that is particularly true for Germany. To encourage more people to start a business society must succeed – as a basis for further steps – in improving the public opinion about start-up entrepreneurs (and about entrepreneurs in general) so that entrepreneurship becomes a legitimate, respected and desirable option as a career opportunity. Continue reading

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Poker players must pay taxes on their winnings in Germany

By: Rechtsanwalt (Attorney) Carsten Lexa, LL.M. The German finance court of Cologne has ruledthat poker is a game of skill.  The ruling is in response to poker player Eduard Scharf´s claims that his poker winnings shouldn’t be taxed because poker is a … Continue reading

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Today Is Judgment Day For Airbus State Aid Row

By: Ainsley Brown Is the aid given to Airbus by the governments of Germany, the UK and France in violation of the World Trade Organization’s (WTO) subsidies agreement? The answer to this question is expected to be known by the … Continue reading

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A new type of company for Germany

By: Rechtsanwalt (Attorney) Carsten Lexa, LL.M. In November 2008 Germany introduced a new type of company – the so-called “Business Company (with limited liability)” (“Unternehmergesellschaft (haftungsbeschränkt)” – UG). Essentially, this is a variation of the highly successful German “Limited Liability … Continue reading

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