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China’s Special Economic Zone experience… seven things Jamaica has learnt

The strategic and focused use of special economic zones (SEZs) as a development tool holds a special – pun intended – place in China’s story. And as Jamaica embarks on its own journey using its modernized SEZ framework, China’s journey holds valuable insights into the remarkable transformational power of SEZs. Continue reading

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China Makes Changes To Its Dividends Tax

In a move to further encourage the development of China’s stock markets and long term investment, the government in this move is trying to discouraging something that has plagued western markets – short term speculation. Continue reading

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China Announces New M&A Panel

By: Ainsley Brown Is China growing more hostile to foreign investment? Many would answer the question with a resounding, YES, especially given the recent Cabinet announcement of a panel to review foreign mergers and acquisitions (M&A). However I think it’s … Continue reading

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Chinese Bank To Take Control Of US Retail Bank?

By: Ainsley Brown In a move that would be the first of its kind, a state-owned Chinese bank could take control of a US retail bank. The Industrial & Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) has reportedly signed a deal to … Continue reading

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Welcome to China-Proper Protection for ideas at last?

By: Emma Peart China has recently offered more protection through Patents. It has offered protection in Patents since 1985 but has recently began to take the issue more seriously. China’s new legislation in relation to Patent Law came into force on … Continue reading

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The On Going US-China Trade Dispute Enters New Arena: “Green.”

By:  Ainsley Brown The tit for tat trade battles, one could even say bordering on a trade war, has entered a new area – Green. More precisely the U.S. is investigating China’s alleged subsidization of its green technology sector (wind, … Continue reading

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US Chicken Being Dumped, Says China

US Chicken Being Dumped, Says China
By: Ainsley Brown
The seemingly endless trade rows between the United States and China continue unabated.
What is it this time? Tires? Steel? Autos? Or maybe intellectual property protection? No, no, not this time, this time it’s chicken – more specifically the importation of US chicken into the Chinese market.
This however is not a new skirmish but rather one that begun earlier this year when China… Continue reading

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China To Impose More Tariffs On Imported US Chicken.

By: Ainsley Brown It seems like there is more bad news for US exporters of Chicken to China – get ready for a whole new round of tariffs. China has over the years become the largest export market for US … Continue reading

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China Request WTO Panel On EU Shoe Tariff

By: Ainsley Brown The trade skirmish that has erupted between China and the European Union over shoe tariffs has been one that I have being following very closely here on Commercial Law international. And, yes you guessed it, each side … Continue reading

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Drop In Global Trade Greater Than Predicted

By: Ainsley Brown Global trade was expected to drop as much as 10% in 2009; instead it fell by 12%. That extra two percent may not seem like much but it represents the largest drop in global commerce since 1945. … Continue reading

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