Welcome to Commercial Law International, a law blog on any and all things commercial.

The goals of this site will be to inform; give opinions; at times be controversial; and to provoke insightful discussions about the latest, most interesting and sometimes stranger developments that affect the commercial world. In other words, our aim is to expand commercial awareness – that is the economic, social, political and legal dynamics – of well known and not so well known regions of the world.

As the world has become ever more interconnected it has become essential for commercial success not only to have a global understanding but to have a global reach as well. Our philosophy at Commercial Law International is that commercial awareness is global. This is why we will not only focus on the economic dynamics of commerce around the world but also its social, political and legal realities as well. Secondly, with our team of contributors spread around the world we are well positioned to fulfill our goals from very differing and distinct cultural and professional perspectives. This we hope will not only add to the uniqueness of the site but its future success.

We hope you enjoy our work and encourage you to subscribe and or join in the conversation.



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