UK University To Giveaway IP In Hopes Of Spurring Innovation

By: Ainsley Brown

Are you an entrepreneur? Are you British? Do you have the resources to commercialize patented materials?

The University of Glasgow...The University of Innovation

If you answered yes to the above questions then the University of Glasgow wants to talk to you.

In a move that could spur innovation in the UK through the development and increased use of collaborative ecosystems between universities and enterprise, the University of Glasgow is offering its intellectual property (IP) to companies and individuals that can commercialize the ideas – all for free.

The rational behind the move, a first of its kind, is “to demonstrate the relevance, importance and impact of Glasgow’s research and to help UK companies maximise their competitive edge internationally.” In so doing the university will undoubtedly raise its research profile and attract addition investment.

 The program works by allowing an entrepreneur to have access to the University’s IP database – excluded of course are privately funded IP – if the entrepreneur can demonstrate to the university that it can commercialize the IP they will be allowed to do so without having to purchase or license the IP. However, if no commercialization materializes in a given period of time the university retains the right to offer the IP to other entrepreneurs.

What an idea! I wish the University of Glasgow and all the entrepreneurs the best of luck.

The University’s “Easy Access IP” can be access here.


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