2015 Rugby World Cup Goes To England

By: Ainsley Brown

This is a follow up to Rugby World Cup: England 2015?

73319317The largest rugby competition is going home back to England where the sweet sweet game began – so says the International Rugby Board (IRB). If you cannot tell already well let me confess or should I say profess my love for this game. I am more than simply a fan, I am a proud member of the Brampton ´Breavers´ Rugby Football Club – we are Dam Proud – so every chance I get to mention rugby on this blog I jump at it.

The Rugby Football Union (RFU) beat out its competition to host the 2015 games by putting forward a bid that was about 20% more commercially lucrative than its rivals. The bid is set to net the IRB £220 million from merchandising, broadcasting and sponsorship. It is also estimated that the World Cup will be worth £2.1 billion to the UK economy.

What does all this have to do with law?businessmen-playing-rugby_~IS272-035

Well let’s just say between now and 2015, and perhaps for long after that,  with those kind of figures as noted above, there will be many a lawyer who will earn a pretty penny. They will come to know and appreciate – for those that don’t already – rucks, mauls, scrums, trys, spin passes and drop goals.


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