Anti-Dumping Investigations Rose Last Year

By: Ainsley Brown

Anti-dumping investigations rose by more than 25% in 2008 over the previous year, says the World Trade Organization (WTO).

1212912_growing_graphThe 2008 numbers, 208 in total, are to be contrasted with the peak of 366 in 2001 and the eleven year low of 2007 of only 163. It will be interesting to see what the numbers will be at the end of 2009, they will have no doubt increased. But, why? This is not simply following the general trend over the previous year, no, there is an underlying reason that way the peak of 2001, the low of 2007 and the sharp increase of 2008.

The reason in a word: recession. Yes, recession, it would seem that whenever there is an economic down turn, like the recession that followed the dot-com bubble of 2001 anti-dumping investigations increase. In contrast whenever there is an economic boom, as in 2007, there is a fall in investigations.


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