New Flat Rate ADR Service Launched In Toronto

By: Ainsley Brown

For a $6, 000 flat rate companies and individuals that agree can now have their disputes resolved within a 2 and half month – now that is both cheap and speedy.

The new services launched by ADR Chambers Inc. looks to resolve business disputes an expeditious and cost-effective manner. By agreeing to an expedited arbitration process disputants hope to avoid paying the money or spending the time battling it out in the courts. This service is, therefore ideal for disputes in the range of $150, 000 – $250,000, where legal fees can consume a large portion of any court award, says Mr. Allen Stitt, president of ADR. Mr. Stitt also expects that the service to be very popular between companies who wish to maintain their existing relationship and keep their dispute private by avoiding the public specter of an open court.

The service basically works like this: the parties agree to bring their dispute to ADR, where their case will be heard by former judges or senior lawyers – adding gravitas to any ruling. The parties are responsible for paying their own lawyers and agree to follow strict rules as to timelines and volume of materials filed. The parties then submit a written brief and present their case orally before the arbitrator. The arbitrator then makes his/her ruling and must give reasons. There is no right of appeal; however, the parties do have the right to turn to the courts if they believe that they have been denied natural justice.

Disputes are therefore resolved in an expeditious and cost-effective manner.


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