Richard Branson’s business lessons

Call it an occupational hazard of being a lawyer or just a natural thrust for knowledge, call it what you will, I read a lot.

While on business in Jamaica I was perusing a local daily newspaper, The Daily Observer, and I came across a piece about Sir Richard Branson that I just had to share with the readers of Commercial Law International. The piece references two books, Sir Richard’s new book “Screw Business as Usual” – a title, which I don’t know about you pulled me in instantly –  and an older book “Business Stripped Bare”  which outlines his general philosophy and business approach.

Four major points I took away from the Observer piece was Sir Richard’s belief:

1. Business is a gut feeling; so trust your emotion and instincts as they are there  to help you

2. The first law of entrepreneurship is that there is no reverse gear; you are either moving forward or you are dead

3. When starting out learn all areas of your business as it will make you better manager  as get better and have to delegate matters

4. Stay close to the trenches of your business as it grow; it bodes well for business success to know what both you customers and employees want.

To read the full Observer post click here.


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