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Jamaica’s Global Logistics Hub: So Much More Than Ports

The simplest answer is that ports and airports, while very important, in the main facilitate trade and economic activity while the SEZs are the drivers of economic activity, economic development and wealth creation for the people of Jamaica. Continue reading

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EU Proposes New Hacking Reporting Rules

The proposed legislation is clearly linked to the massive data security breach at Sony. Or better put Sony’s very slow response in announcing that its over 70 million PlayStation users personal data was placed in danger as a result of hacking. Continue reading

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Regulating Traffic Management-An EU Perspective

Telecommunication can play a large part in intellectual property, and the European Union has given an acknowledgement of this today.

It has announced it will be looking at the online data traffic management practices of telecommunications operators. Information provided suggests that the investigation will focus on what information telecommunications operators give consumers about the way they manage internet traffic:“traffic management”.
Continue reading

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China Announces New M&A Panel

By: Ainsley Brown Is China growing more hostile to foreign investment? Many would answer the question with a resounding, YES, especially given the recent Cabinet announcement of a panel to review foreign mergers and acquisitions (M&A). However I think it’s … Continue reading

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Ireland Now EU Top Hedge Fund Domicile

By: Ainsley Brown Hedge Funds, a business synonymous with offshore and often tropical locals is witnessing a surprising trend in the European Union (EU). Are you ready for this? Ok, one word: onshoring. With the passage of the controversial EU … Continue reading

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Australia’s National Consumer Protection Law Comes Into Effect

By: Ainsley Brown Talk about kicking off the New Year with a bang: it is official as of January 1, 2011 Australia now has its first national Consumer Law. The new law ushers in a comprehensive national consumer protection regime … Continue reading

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US Chicken Being Dumped, Says China

US Chicken Being Dumped, Says China
By: Ainsley Brown
The seemingly endless trade rows between the United States and China continue unabated.
What is it this time? Tires? Steel? Autos? Or maybe intellectual property protection? No, no, not this time, this time it’s chicken – more specifically the importation of US chicken into the Chinese market.
This however is not a new skirmish but rather one that begun earlier this year when China… Continue reading

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Failed and Faltering Law Firms Targeted By Criminals In England

By: Ainsley Brown To say that is recession has been unkind to the legal profession in England, indeed worldwide, is an understatement. The legal profession was always thought of as being if not recession proof then at least recession resistant … Continue reading

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Community banks taking major hit as U.S. Commercial Real Estate value drops

By: Eran D. Grossman,  Esq. More problems are on the horizon between government regulators and local U.S. banks (smaller, regional and/or community banks) over how to handle falling commercial property values.  Currently, banks are holding roughly $1.9 billion in commercial … Continue reading

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Philip K. Howard Speaks About Reforming The US Legal System

By: Ainsley Brown I was sent this video by my cousin Kia and I thought it worthwhile to share it here on Commercial Law International. It is a lecture given by Phillip K. Howard, the author of The Death of … Continue reading

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