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The Death of Alien torts ?

  By Charles Wanguhu The Alien Tort Claims Act was adopted in 1789 as part of the original Judiciary Act. The Alien Tort Claims Act (ATCA) allows foreign victims of human rights abuses to sue perpetrators in United States courts. … Continue reading

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The US credit card business – Credit CARD Act 2009

By: Carsten Lexa On August 13th, 2009, I wrote an article here on Commercial Law International about the “secrets” of the US credit card business and about how the existing rules make it hard for customers to pay off their credit … Continue reading

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Litigation…..A New Investment Vehicle?

By: Ainsley Brown It is unquestionable that litigation is big business for lawyers, especially in complex commercial matters. The billable hours that can be racked up can be astonishing – and unlike popular belief is not largely due to an … Continue reading

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Shell & The elephant in the room

By Charles Wanguhu A report by the Economist Intelligence Unit indicates that protecting a firm’s reputation is the most important and difficult task facing corporations. With the development of global media and communication channels, managing reputational damage is seen as … Continue reading

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New Flat Rate ADR Service Launched In Toronto

By: Ainsley Brown For a $6, 000 flat rate companies and individuals that agree can now have their disputes resolved within a 2 and half month – now that is both cheap and speedy. The new services launched by ADR … Continue reading

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