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Will the real Leeds owners please stand up?

By Charles Wanguhu In the current financial crisis the role of offshore havens have been placed in the spotlight and quite rightly so. The lack of transparency in their dealings has meant that these centres have not only been used … Continue reading

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The not so ethical investments

By Charles Wanguhu Financial institutions offering Ethical investment in practice exclude companies with interests in armaments, oppressive regimes, nuclear power, tobacco, vivisection, gambling, alcohol and pornography. Environmental (and ethical) investments also aim to invest in companies with positive effects on … Continue reading

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August 1: A Day Of Remembrance

By: Ainsley Brown This is part of the Middle Passage Law Series on Law is Cool. Why am I wearing all black today? Am I in mourning? No, not exactly. Then why? Well it is August 1: Emancipation Day. I … Continue reading

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The Cozy Bank-Law Firm Relationship May Not Be So Cozy After All…These days Anyway, Part II.

By: Ainsley Brown McKenna v. Gammon Gold Inc. This is case that has the potential to redefine the very cozy relationship law firms have with their banker clients. No longer will bankers be given blanket coverage under conflict of interest … Continue reading

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This article is reproduces with the permission of the author and can be found on AccountancySA (South Africa´s leading Accountancy Journal). There is no doubt that the world we knew before the global economic meltdown will not return. The causes … Continue reading

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Corruption and Banking

29th April 2009 By Charles Wanguhu Corruption only offers two instances for regulators to step in: at the looting stage where the individuals may seek bribes, dispose of public resources or subvert funds. In an ideal world they are then … Continue reading

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UK Oil Company Accused Of Trying To Buy Witnesses

By: Ainsley Brown It is situations like these that simply go to fuel the general public distain for multinational. I guess the one positive thing that comes out of this and other similar situations is that it provides ample material … Continue reading

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Two British Engineers Charged With Espionage… Industrial Espionage That Is.

By: Ainsley Brown No, no this is not a joke nor is it a case of a 007 mission gone awry. Its is a simple case of two British engineers; a British company and its subsidiary; a mobile phone; an … Continue reading

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Is tax the new area of concern for Corporate Social Responsibility?

By Charles Wanguhu In early 90’s Nike suffered a huge backlash from the revelations of child labour in use in its factories abroad there was a drive to ensure that clothing was environmentally sound. In early 2000 a push for … Continue reading

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Long Arm Of US Law Nabs British Solicitor.

A British solicitor, Jeffrey Tesler, was arrested at his North London business address after US authorities requested his extradition. US prosecutors have charged Mr. Tesler and another Briton, Wojciech Chodan, with taking part in a scheme to bribe Nigerian officials … Continue reading

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