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8 pieces of advice for less hassle with contracts!

The negotiation and conclusion of contracts are sensitive tasks – time consuming, complex, and the details matter. And when cross-border transactions are involved, things can get really complicated. Unfortunately, many business owners despair at this situation and therefore neglect the … Continue reading

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A contract is a “good” contract, if…

Contract negotiations are a demanding but also fascinating part in a project, no matter what the project is. A “good” contract as the result of the negotiations improves the relationship between the parties and ensures a high quality performance on … Continue reading

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More Recognition for Pre-Nups?

By: Emma Peart The decision in Radmacher has potentially given even more credibility to Pre-nuptual agreements in the UK. The case concerns a German industrial heiress and her Ex-Husband, a Former Investment Banker, who entered into a Pre-Nuptial agreement with … Continue reading

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Australia’s National Consumer Protection Law Comes Into Effect

By: Ainsley Brown Talk about kicking off the New Year with a bang: it is official as of January 1, 2011 Australia now has its first national Consumer Law. The new law ushers in a comprehensive national consumer protection regime … Continue reading

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Art As An Option: An Alternative Form of Investment

By: Ainsley Brown The use of art as an investment is not a new concept, whether it is commissioning a piece for your self or buying existing works, art as an investment is centuries old. But what about investing in … Continue reading

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As companies battle the recession, bartering comes in handy

By: Carsten Lexa Money helps a lot when it comes to exchanging goods. One buys the goods, pays with cash and takes the goods away. So far, so good. But what if free cash to spend is a rare thing? … Continue reading

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JP Morgan Case Down-Under Is Set To Shine The Spotlight On Investment Banking Fees…But Not So Fast

By: Ainsley Brown The stage was for a very interesting court battle in Australia pitting advisor against former client; at stake the fees that the advisor could charge. While the case remains interesting the deep probing spotlight that it promised … Continue reading

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The US credit card business – Credit CARD Act 2009

By: Carsten Lexa On August 13th, 2009, I wrote an article here on Commercial Law International about the “secrets” of the US credit card business and about how the existing rules make it hard for customers to pay off their credit … Continue reading

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LVMH Wins Latest Battle Against Ebay

By: Ainsley Brown EBay was fined yesterday €1.7 million by the Paris Commercial for violating an injunction prohibiting the sale of LVMH products on the online auction site. The injunction was imposed on eBay last year after it was taking … Continue reading

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Commerzbank sued for millions by former Dresdner Kleinwort traders

By: Rechtsanwalt (Attorney) Carsten Lexa, LL.M. A group of 72 former Dresdner Kleinwort traders have sued the new owner of Dresdner Bank AG, Commerzbank AG, claiming it reneged around 34 million Euros of guaranteed bonus payments. The traders argued that … Continue reading

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