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Jamaica’s Logistics Hub: reshaping ourselves to reshape global trade, Part I

Jamaica’s progress towards being a Global Logistics Hub might appear to be slow, especially when compared to what Panama appears to be doing but Jamaica’s progress is real and it is meaningful. Continue reading

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Battle for Africa Continues

By Charles Wanguhu A proposed toll road in Nairobi has fallen through after the World Bank withheld funding after claims that the project did not adhere to the Banks social and environmental safeguards, and Kenyan laws, including land acquisition. Kenya … Continue reading

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Litigation As An Investment Vehicle In Canada: An Introduction

By: Ainsley Brown In a pervious post – Litigation … A New Investment Vehicle – I introduced you to the Therium, a third party litigation fund in England that was using litigation as an investment vehicle. At the time I … Continue reading

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London Banks Set To Write Living Wills

By: Ainsley Brown Banks in London, England are set to roll out their living wills by the end of the year. The living wills are a direct consequence of the financial – bank – meltdown experienced in the UK. The … Continue reading

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Indian Newsprint Industry Thriving

By: Ainsley Brown The Indian newsprint industry is thriving despite the general global trend for decline in this industry and the global recession. It could even be said that part of the industries success could even be attributed to the … Continue reading

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August 1: A Day Of Remembrance

By: Ainsley Brown This is part of the Middle Passage Law Series on Law is Cool. Why am I wearing all black today? Am I in mourning? No, not exactly. Then why? Well it is August 1: Emancipation Day. I … Continue reading

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Piracy Kenyan Courts Forum non conveniens?

By Charles Wanguhu The doctrine of Forum non conveniens offers a court the opportunity to decline, in the interest of justice, to exercise jurisdiction, where the suit is between aliens or nonresidents, or where for kindred reasons the litigation can … Continue reading

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The Booz Will Get You Every Time: London Trader Banned.

By: Ainsley Brown As the popular Jamie Fox song goes: Blame It On The Alcohol. Well no says the Financial Services Authority (FSA), the UK financial sector watchdog, as it handed down a ban on a trader for “a lack … Continue reading

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More Human Rights Cases Being Brought By Companies

By: Ainsley Brown Yes, that’s right, you read correctly: human rights cases are being brought by companies not against them.  Well, at least this is the case in the UK, as a story in the Times explains. A new survey … Continue reading

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