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Why it is difficult to find good managers

As a law firm with a focus on commercial and corporate law and contract design we had the chance to experience a lot of managers in various positions in companies. Some of them really impressed us and that made us … Continue reading

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The lack of a start-up culture in Germany and how to change that!

A vibrant entrepreneurial culture is an important part of the business environment in every country – and that is particularly true for Germany. To encourage more people to start a business society must succeed – as a basis for further steps – in improving the public opinion about start-up entrepreneurs (and about entrepreneurs in general) so that entrepreneurship becomes a legitimate, respected and desirable option as a career opportunity. Continue reading

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The fascinating method behind the “Nigeria Connection Spam”

Everyone knows these emails and has already received such emails themselves: A man or a woman, often with Asian, English or African-sounding name, and often an employee of an important-sounding foreign bank, has discovered a large sum of money in … Continue reading

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Jamaica’s Global Logistics Hub: So Much More Than Ports

The simplest answer is that ports and airports, while very important, in the main facilitate trade and economic activity while the SEZs are the drivers of economic activity, economic development and wealth creation for the people of Jamaica. Continue reading

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Poker players must pay taxes on their winnings in Germany

By: Rechtsanwalt (Attorney) Carsten Lexa, LL.M. The German finance court of Cologne has ruledthat poker is a game of skill.  The ruling is in response to poker player Eduard Scharf´s claims that his poker winnings shouldn’t be taxed because poker is a … Continue reading

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Beware the cookie-a review of privacy law

The rules on cookies and ecommerce in the UK changed at the end of May. This is largely due to a 2009 EU Privacy directive which reviewed privacy law. The change is intended to give individuals more of a say over what information is held on them. One way in which information is held is through cookies, small text files which hold information on visitors to websites Continue reading

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Regulating Traffic Management-An EU Perspective

Telecommunication can play a large part in intellectual property, and the European Union has given an acknowledgement of this today.

It has announced it will be looking at the online data traffic management practices of telecommunications operators. Information provided suggests that the investigation will focus on what information telecommunications operators give consumers about the way they manage internet traffic:“traffic management”.
Continue reading

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Pausing time- a negative effect to the UK Economy?

It seems that there may be no progression to this proposal, which would have generally helped international commerce as it would put the UK on the same time zone as Europe Continue reading

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New Incoterms 2010

By: Carsten Lexa, LL.M. The Incoterms (“International Commercial Terms”)  are a series of international sales terms, published by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and widely used in international commercial transactions.  These sales terms that govern delivery duties, transportation duties, duties regarding … Continue reading

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Real Estate investment going up in the U.S. Say what?

By: Eran D. Grossman Yes that’s right.  With growing concern about a commercial real estate bust and home prices continuing to fall, real estate stocks are soaring.  What you say? Shares of Real Estate Investments Trusts, a/k/a REITs, are lucrative … Continue reading

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