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  • Small businesses rule the world

    In the logistics sector small is sometimes not just beautiful but very profitable. Related Posts:Blockchain technology: a sustainability tool for agricultureThe expanded Panama Canal and port expansion along the US East and Gulf coastsThe air transport sector globally is a significant employer85% of World Trade is in bulk goodsGlobalization has seen a greater convergence of goods and services trade

  • Blockchain technology: a sustainability tool for agriculture

    Blockchain technology can enhance the sustainability of nations like Jamaica's agricultural sector, by capturing the information which can be beneficial to all who access the distributive ledger such as farmers, retailers and consumers. It will avail farmers greater access to information such as global competitive pricing so that they can be better informed as to what to charge for their produce and not charge too much or too little. This is important for a farmer to be profitable and to a nation that is into exports such as Jamaica, they will be aware of the prices so they are competitive and make the best prices for their commodities.