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Corn Distribution: Sustainable Supply Chain Management Storymap

From its early history to its modern supply chain, this storymap is all about corn. Continue reading

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Jamaica Logistics Hub: Investment Opportunities

Expansive special economic zones facilitating assembly, warehousing, sorting, distribution and other value-added services, particularly for industries catering to time sensitive and high-value cargo Continue reading

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Kenya Trending on Twitter

By Kamau Wanguhu Ardent twitterzens will have noticed in the past two days two distinct Kenyan topics that have been trending: firstly the passing on of Prof Wangari Maaathai a Nobel peace prize winner, great conservationist and former Member of Parliament. … Continue reading

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Corruption and the Kenyan Economy

Fuel… If not the high cost of it, it’s the effect on the economy and inflation, if not that then lately it has been the lack of it. Continue reading

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US Chicken Being Dumped, Says China

US Chicken Being Dumped, Says China
By: Ainsley Brown
The seemingly endless trade rows between the United States and China continue unabated.
What is it this time? Tires? Steel? Autos? Or maybe intellectual property protection? No, no, not this time, this time it’s chicken – more specifically the importation of US chicken into the Chinese market.
This however is not a new skirmish but rather one that begun earlier this year when China… Continue reading

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China To Impose More Tariffs On Imported US Chicken.

By: Ainsley Brown It seems like there is more bad news for US exporters of Chicken to China – get ready for a whole new round of tariffs. China has over the years become the largest export market for US … Continue reading

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Canada, A Third Party In WTO Panel On Chinese Raw Materials Export Restrictions

By: Ainsley Brown Canada now joins a score of other nations, including Brazil, Japan, Norway, India and Turkey, as third parties in a World Trade Organization (WTO) panel on China’s export restrictions on certain raw materials. A WTO panel is … Continue reading

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Kit Kat Goes Fair Trade In the UK

By: Ainsley Brown “Gimme a break, gimme a break, break me off a piece of that Kit Kat bar,” has taken on a new meaning in the UK as Kit Kat ‘breaks off’ some cash cocoa to farmers. Nestlé, the … Continue reading

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GreenTech War: Japan, China, Lithium, Batteries and Bolivia

By: Ainsley Brown A potential GreenTech war is brewing between Japan and China, location Bolivia. The salt flats of Bolivia´s Salar De Uyuni, where most recent James Bond movie was shot (Quantum of Solace) seems like the most unlikely place … Continue reading

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Australian Securities Regulators In Policy Quandary

By: Ainsley Brown The question that faces Australian securities regulators is what to do about two or more Chinese state owned enterprises together owing substantial shareholdings in an Australian company? At first blush it would appear that this is a … Continue reading

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