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Is it time for Electronic Free Trade Zone?

The Executive Chairman of the Alibaba Group, Jack Ma, seems to think so. In his recent address at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum he called for the establishment of online free trade zones. These e-hubs would be focused on increasing the participation of small business in global trade who due to their size often face challenges plugging into the global market place. Continue reading

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Jamaica Logistics Hub: Investment Opportunities

Expansive special economic zones facilitating assembly, warehousing, sorting, distribution and other value-added services, particularly for industries catering to time sensitive and high-value cargo Continue reading

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Internet is “essential” for modern life, according to a German court

“The Internet plays a very important role today and affects the private life of an individual in very decisive ways.” Continue reading

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The case of Luis Vuitton and the responsibilities of server owners to protect copyright and trademark rights

The decision highlights the responsibility of server providers to regulate their usage and make sure that any usage which breaches copyright or trademark rights must be dealt with or they can be held liable for any breach of copyright or trademark law. Owners of servers must be extremely vigilant of the activities of the users of its servers. Continue reading

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EU Proposes New Hacking Reporting Rules

The proposed legislation is clearly linked to the massive data security breach at Sony. Or better put Sony’s very slow response in announcing that its over 70 million PlayStation users personal data was placed in danger as a result of hacking. Continue reading

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Beware the cookie-a review of privacy law

The rules on cookies and ecommerce in the UK changed at the end of May. This is largely due to a 2009 EU Privacy directive which reviewed privacy law. The change is intended to give individuals more of a say over what information is held on them. One way in which information is held is through cookies, small text files which hold information on visitors to websites Continue reading

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The google case: The fear of tracking

By Emma Peart Google have faced criticism through suggestions it has held data on users without their knowledge. Brown et al v. Google involves individuals using Google’s mobile phone technology who are bringing an action against Google for storing information … Continue reading

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Regulating Traffic Management-An EU Perspective

Telecommunication can play a large part in intellectual property, and the European Union has given an acknowledgement of this today.

It has announced it will be looking at the online data traffic management practices of telecommunications operators. Information provided suggests that the investigation will focus on what information telecommunications operators give consumers about the way they manage internet traffic:“traffic management”.
Continue reading

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Shari’ah Compliant Investment – There’s Now An App For That

By: Ainsley Brown On the go but want to check if that hot new stock tip you got is Shari’ah compliant? Well now you can – Shari’ah compliance has gone mobile. Amiri S3 or Shari’ah Screening System is a downloadable … Continue reading

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Jersey becoming an international e-commerce centre?

By: Emma Peart This October will see a plan to modify the Intellectual Property Law of Jersey to bring it screaming into the 21st Century with a suggested overview of its Intellectual Property Law which has not been updated for … Continue reading

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