Author: Carsten Lexa

Carsten Lexa, LL.M. holds an LL.M. in International Commercial Law from the University of Westminster in London, UK. He has been an Attorney at Law in Germany since September 2005: He was Associate Attorney at the law firm of Lachner Graf von Westphalen Spamer in Frankfurt am Main until May 2007 (Commercial Law / Corporate Law) and has been a Partner in the law firm of WPV Rechtsanwälte until May 2009 dealing with Commercial Law / Corporate Law / Contract Law matters. In June 2009, Carsten Lexa established his own law firm, advising corporate clients, especially family businesses, in the areas of Commercial, Corporate and Contract Law matters (Website: Carsten Lexa is also engaged in the academic side of the Law, being appointed Examiner at the Julius-Maximilians-University in Würzburg, and he is seminar facilitator in the field of claim management, company formation and company restructuring. Since 2010, he is also associate professor at the University of Applied Science in Würzburg.